At Cool Green Tech we’re on a mission to shine a light on technological ingenuity and invention.

By this we mean all engineering and scientific endeavour contributing to the most urgent challenge facing humankind. 

Obviously, we’re big fans of technology, but we’re also aware there is no single ingenious carbon-busting gizmo that will prevent global warming in the timeframe before we reach a terminal tipping point.

What will solve climate change are people just like you who are ready to step up and seek out new ways of doing things. Technology is, after all, just a another toolset we can deploy to undo the harm we inflict on our planet just by going about our daily lives.

That’s the harm caused by the steel and cement we use to build our homes and schools, the fuel we burn to live and travel, plus all the stuff we eat and wear.

And so it falls to us all to support the necessary transition to renewable energy, and join the push to rehabilitate the production and waste systems that support our lifestyle.

Fortunately, there are many smart technologies already available to smooth this transition. And since we began covering the green innovation sector, we’ve unearthed eco-entrepreneurs the world over, working on incredible solutions to  the myriad challenges we face. 

These present-day heroes are applying their expertise across the mechanical, chemical, biological, molecular and material sciences, dedicating their lives and careers to building the tools we’ll need to save the planet.

But for new technologies to make it all the way through the commercialisation and adoption funnel many things must go right. Sadly, not all will make it – and those that do must still run the gauntlet of funding challenges and hostile government policy.

Take electric cars and renewable energy as two notable examples. Each has proved its worth in the real world and yet how many governments persist with policies to favour their carbon-emitting incumbents?

Here at Cool Green Tech we vow never to be a voice for those using corporate or political power to hold back planet-friendly innovations.

And the same goes for those talking up unproven futuristic technologies as a tactic to delay the transition away from carbon-heavy industries.

We’ll also be keeping a close eye on the ‘weaponisation’ of science and technology research deployed as misinformation to confuse us into inaction.

But most importantly we’ll be  keeping you updated about emerging technologies, big and small. This is what gets us out of bed each day, to connect with people like you, committed to learning more about solutions to safeguard our future.

And it also helps to galvanise us against the overwhelm we can all experience in our darker moments when pondering our planet’s future.

Thanks so much for showing up here today, and if you’d like to stay in regular contact, sign up for our weekly tech new updates here. 💚 

Proudly Independent 

As a self-funded news website we aim to uphold the highest editorial standards. 

We are committed to providing news independent of commercial considerations which means not giving voice to  greenwashing tactics or spin designed to delay society’s transition to renewable energy.

We cover technology stories based on their own merit and we don’t run undisclosed sponsored content, adverts or advertorials on this news site or on any of our associated social media channels.

Louisa Hearn


Louisa has been writing about all things tech for newspapers and magazines since around the time the internet became an actual place where people read news.

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